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writing for side income

I received an email from a contributing editor of Brighthub, Elizabeth Winstrom because of the article I wrote about Making Money from your Geek Skills. Bright hub is a science and technology portal where you get to write your article, post it and get a revenue share based on revenue per thousand page (RPM) views.

Similar to something like squidoo pages, or hubpages but instead of sharing adsense and other revenue, they pay you a fixed sum plus “bonus” shall I say. And instead of just starting any page or topic, you have to apply to be a writer, get approved and then requested to write on certain specific topics.

For every article that is approved, you get $10 for the article, $1 for every backlink pointing to your article, plus the 80% of the monthly site RPM.

From BrightHub site, writers responsibility include

  1. Write articles based on the planning and analysis provided by the Managing Editor and the writing request and various creation and performance plans created by the Contributing Editor
  2. Work with the Contributing Editor on changes to articles in order to meet Bright Hub’s quality standards
  3. Promote and grow the popularity of articles through leveraging recommended search keywords and phrases and obtaining quality backlinks to written articles.
  4. Update articles as requested by the Contributing or Managing Editor. Failure to maintain articles according to the article maintenance plan will result in the replacement of the consultant for that article with a different writer and a diversion of future revenues for that article to such new writer.

Ed’s take. Hmm, looks like you got to go and get backlinks to your article too. Marketing work included.

If you like to write, don’t want the hassle to maintain a blog or create your own following, then, you can give it a go. Generating decent revenue from a blog takes quite a lot of work nowadays to get it off the ground. Unless you are in it for the long run, a blog really takes time. For a quick buck or so, it might be worth to try brighthub. Who knows, if your article is really popular, it can generate a bit of residual income.

It might increase your publicity level even if you have a blog. Although $10 for 300 – 400 word article might not be too difficult to write, I’m not sure how it goes when it comes to editing your article. If there are multiple edits until they are happy, it could take too much time & it will feel like working for someone at a job.

On the other hand, such editing could polish up your writing style.


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  1. Writing an article about a certain topic requires you to have knowledge about the topic. and a good writing skills. It’s not my favorite thing as in writing articles or make some review because it’s kinda hard for me to get all the good stuff out of my brain and into the article. But, sometimes writing an article and to be paid is something worthwhile.

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